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What are we doing?

We want to teach Ukrainian journalists with an advanced knowledge of English to write articles in English and work according to international standards. Program participants will obtain valuable knowledge on such issues as English-language story structure, fact-checking and guidelines on using sources. This will allow them to write about Ukrainian affairs for foreign media in a professional and objective way.

Why it is important?

English-language media have all but gone from Ukraine’s landscape, limiting foreign access to any news except the loudest, international headlines. Meanwhile, there is also a shortage of Ukrainian journalists writing for international publications and learning from them. The School of Journalism in English will create a network of qualified journalists able to write in English and serve as a platform to spread best practices

Who will take part?

Journalists (10) working for national and regional media. The main requirement for them – an advanced level of English knowledge (or better).

What do we expect?

  • Production of at least 10 English-language articles (primarily on salient current news e.g., the war, economic crisis and reforms in Ukraine)
  • After the School top participant articles will be published in the Kyiv Post and made available for international publications
  • These articles will familiarize the international community with what is happening in Ukraine and it can become a resistance to propaganda and publishing of false information
  • The knowledge gained during the project will help journalists to write articles for foreign media

Budget of project.

We need $5,500 for this project. The money will go to cover coaching fees, reimbursement of flights for foreign trainers, accommodation for trainers and participants from Ukraine’s regions, rent and coffee breaks. Find more details below.

Cost item Total
Fees for trainers (4*250) $1,000 or 25 000 UAH
Rent of venue and equipment $1,700 or 42 500 UAH
Flights for guest coaches (3*400) $1,200 or 30 000 UAH
Coffee breaks and lunches for participants and trainers $600 or 15 000 UAH
Printed materials and badges $20 or 500 UAH
Accommodation for participants and trainers $750 or 18 750 UAH
Transportation for participants (5 regional participants) $250 or 6 250 UAH
Total amount $5,500 or 138 000 UAH