“Off the Record” technical seminars for journalists

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What are we going to do? To hold a number of “Off the Record” seminars for journalists. Each session will focus on a timely yet complex economic or political issue, such as fiscal decentralization, medical reform, nuclear energy or Ukraine’s relations with the EU. Ukrainian media often lack the resources to have journalists specialize on a single area or beat. As a result, journalists struggle to tackle issues that require a deeper level of expertise, although this challenge can be addressed by consulting with professionals and various experts. We want to establish a dialogue between media workers, branch experts and officials responsible for industries in order to increase the level of journalists’ competence on specific, critical topics. Accordingly, this will help raise the quality of their articles.

What do we expect? After meetings with experts journalists will feel more competent in writing on specific topics and should have the up-to-date knowledge needed tackle those topics more effectively. This will increase the number and quality of articles on key issues.

Budget. We need $1,000 for each of the seminars. This money will go to renting premises and equipment to support the lecture, providing participants with printed materials and coffee breaks, as well as paying for the event organizer.