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Who we are?

The Media Development Foundation is a non-profit organization originally founded by the journalists from the Kyiv Post. We know how Ukrainian media work, what problems they face and how to make them stronger. We are result-oriented with a focus on helping journalists and media publications learn practical skills while adhering to best professional standards.

What we are doing?

Our key projects:

  •  Journalism Exchange Program (long-term program of paid internships for young journalists and students);
  •     Journalism of Tolerance (project focused on covering the problems of minorities and teaching regional journalists the language of tolerance);
  •    School for Regional Journalists (5-day training program for regional journalists; with practices passed on to their respective newsrooms);
  •  Laboratory of Hyperlocal Media (implementation of development strategies for hyperlocal publications);
  •       Reform Watch (project focused on analysing progress on reforms in Ukraine);
  •       Mezhyhirya Festival (international investigative journalism seminar)

Since May 2013 our trainings were attended by 500+ journalists from Ukraine and the former Soviet Union, leading to the publication of over 1,500+ materials. We work with 44 partner organizations across Ukraine.

And this is just the beginning…

What we are asking for?

Since our launch MDF has operated without institutional support, which means we have money for individual projects but not the organisation itself. Through creativity, goodwill and a lot of hard work we have brought administrative expenses down to around 15% – an outlier compared to most non-profits!

While we’re proud that 85% of spending goes to core projects, limited core funding reduces our effectiveness and prevents us from bringing some of the young, talented people onboard.

By providing us with core support you help us focus on what matters most – delivering positive change in Ukraine’s media landscape – and raising the next generation of leaders.

What’s next?

A lot.  

Our latest projects include the School of Journalism in English, technical seminars, educational projects on scientific journalism and urbanism, an infographics lab and much more.

Who are doing it?

We have a small team of just four: former Kyiv Post journalist and director Daryna Shevchenko, project assistant manager Anastasia Sosnova, CFO Iryna Skrynnyk and financial assistant Lyudmyla Sai.

We also have project specific coordinators. Valeria Lauda coordinates the Laboratory of Hyperlocal Media; Artem Gusak runs Journalism of Tolerance. Interns and volunteers occasionally help us, but the main work lies on the four of us and often we just do not have enough hands to do everything.

For what we need the money?

  •  For the office. We really need our cozy room, where interns and partners can come for advice – 11 000 ($ 700) a month.
  •   For salaries. When project financing is over, and the new has not yet begun – we work for free – 2 positions for 7,000 a month – 14,000 UAH per month
  •       For tea /coffee / cookies / water – 200 UAH per month
  •       For additional computers so that we can invite interns to work in our office – 2 computers over 7000 USD – 14 000 UAH

Every bit of help counts!

The project of institutional support for Media Development Foundation is ongoing –without a deadline or final amount. We will report on collected money and expenditures